Five luxury hotel services

Five luxury hotel services

I’m a huge lover of the luxury lifestyle, and recently I’ve been finding out more about the luxury hotel services you can enjoy. I’ve been amazed at the outlandish things you can pay for in some of the world’s most luxurious hotels. So, of course I felt I simply had to share them with you.

Five luxury hotel services

As I began to carry out some research into the luxuries hotels offer, I was amazed at the kinds of things you can pay for. There are some incredible possibilities for you if you have the funds. Lets face it, many of these things don’t come cheap. But we can dream, right?! Can you imagine winding down after a busy day site seeing and enjoying one of these luxurious services?

Bath Butler

Luxury hotels such as The Montcalm in London offer a bath butler service. This takes the luxury of languishing in the bath to a whole new level.

(The Montcalm hotel)

Bedtime Stories

This sounds kind of weird but kind of magical at the same time! If you love the thought of drifting off to the sounds of a soothing voice, then the bedtime stories may be perfect for you. The idea is that you dial a number from your hotel phone, put it to speaker phone and then listen to the story. You might be surprised at how many hotels offer this service!

Sky Taxi

Travelling around by car is so last year! With some of the world’s most prestigious hotels, you can enjoy travelling around in style by helicopter!

Fragrant Rooms

Did you know that you can actually request that your room has a certain scent to it? This is becoming an increasingly popular luxury hotel service. So, whether you prefer the soothing scent of lavender, or the uplifting scent of jasmin, you can actually make this a reality.

Luxury Hampers

It’s so lovely when you arrive at your holiday destination to find that the proprietors have left you a few items – coffee, tea, milk etc. But luxury hotel hampers take this to a whole new level. You can request all kinds of luxury hampers to be waiting in your room ready for your arrival.

Five luxury hotel services


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