luxury holiday deals

How to Find Luxury Holidays Without Breaking the Bank!

luxury holiday deals

If, like me, you love a touch of the luxury lifestyle, but you begrudge paying extortionate prices, then you might be wondering how you can save yourself some money without losing out on luxurious holidays.

Getting away to somewhere hot and indulgent once a year is something that many of us crave. It refreshes us and makes us feel special for that short time we’re away. But, let’s face it, forking out thousands of pounds for a luxury holiday is, well,  a luxury that many of us simply can’t afford.

Whether you just don’t have the funds to spare, or you begrudge paying the ridiculous prices, there are ways and means of saving money on a luxury holiday in the sun.

Look out for deals

Finding luxury holiday deals isn’t always as difficult as you might think. It’s much easier to find a deal if you can be flexible about when you travel. If you’re limited to school holidays or other peak times, then you will struggle.

Travel agents will often have deals in their windows to entice you in. These will usually be specific dates so again it does make a difference if you’re flexible about when you travel.

Use discount sites
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You can often find incredible travel deals on sites such as Groupon. If you’re just looking for a luxury holiday deal and you’re not particularly fussy about where you go, then you really can find some fantastic deals. It’s a great way to try new parts of the world and sample other hotels that you might not otherwise have considered.

Often, deal sites will have a range of dates and departure airports for you to choose from. They’ll be clearly listed before you make your purchase so make sure you read the small print to check that you’re available to travel on the available dates.

Book last minute

If you can wait until the last couple of weeks before you want to travel, then you can find some incredibly low prices. This usually works best if you don’t particularly mind where you travel, you’re not planning on travelling at peak times, and you don’t have a large family. Most last minute deals tend to be for couples.

Make sure you’ve saved up some money in advance if you plan to book last minute. Don’t be tempted to just stick it on the plastic. Holidays take most people months or even years to save up for. Just because you’re not booking it well in advance doesn’t mean you shouldn’t save for it in advance.

Book in advance

In contrast, if you know you can’t risk waiting until the last minute, booking well in advance can also stand you in good stead. Often, holiday prices drop briefly in the early part of the year. This is the time that many people are still paying off their expensive Christmas and they simply can’t afford or can’t face thinking about paying for a holiday. The holiday companies will take advantage of this and try to entice customers in with luxury holiday deals at low prices.

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