Alcudia Old Town

Step back in time in Alcudia Old Town

The Balearic island of Majorca is a popular holiday destination due to it’s warm weather and beautiful beaches. Families flock to coastal towns such as Alcudia in the North of the island to enjoy the blue skies and the sandy shores. But, nestled slightly inland is Alcudia Old Town – a hidden gem steeped in history.


When people talk about visiting Alcudia, they’re usually talking about the port. Port d’Alcudia is a beautiful place to visit. With sandy beaches, beautiful blue seas and delightful restaurants, it’s a popular destination for families and tourists of all ages.

In the 16th century, the port was a popular haunting place for pirates. They took advantage of the large port which gave them the opportunity to make a quick get away. Because of this, towns closest to the sea such as Alcudia and the surrounding villages were their favourite hunting ground. As a result, many villagers were forced to move inland within the safety of the walls of Alcudia.

Step back in time in Alcudia Old Town

The Old Town

Now known as the “Old Town” of Alcudia, the walled town has become a thriving town and a lively place to visit, with lots going on throughout the summer months. The typical Spanish, narrow streets are completely pedestrianised, making it a safe place to wander with the family and browse the many shops selling local wares.

If you’re feeling energetic, then the Old Town is around 20-30 minute walk from Port d’Alcudia. However, on a hot day, it’s only a short taxi ride away.

Alcudia Old Town


To get a real taste of local life, it’s worth visiting the market which takes place every Tuesday and Sunday morning. The market takes place just outside the town walls with some stalls also set up along the narrow streets within. Here you can buy locally produced fruit and vegetables, shoes, handbags, jewellery, clothing and souvenirs.

Walk the walls

A really lovely way to see the old town is to take a walk along the top of the medieval walls. From this vantage point you can see breathtaking views over the bays of Pollensa and Alcudia. You’ll also see the famous bullring from the 19th century.


The bullring dates back to the 19th century and you can take a walk around for a small fee. Whilst the bullring isn’t active any more, there are shows put on several times a year.

Church of Sant Jaume

Church of Sant Jaume

The church is notable for the central dome seen above and four side chapels. The church is a beautiful place to visit and it’s quite moving to see first hand the devotion that Alcudia has felt for Saint Christ. Work first started on building the church in 1675 and it took 22 years to be completed.

Eating Out

Within the walls, you’ll find numerous popular restaurants and bistros serving delicious home-cooked meals celebrating the local produce. Whether you’re looking to sample the local tapas or you’ve got a taste for a gourmet meal, there really is something for everyone in Alcudia Old Town.

Eating Old Alcudia Old Town


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